Tune-ups are important...

Published by Wayne A. Hissa on Jul 28, 2021

     ACCOUNT TUNE-UPS:  It’s not only your cars, your home’s air conditioning, or wardrobe that needs a tune-up.  It’s also your financial plan and portfolio. We’ve been pleased with the uptake of ZOOM... Continue reading

ONE YEAR LATER - What's happened?

Published by Wayne A. Hissa on Apr 05, 2021

So...it's been a year - we see this ONE YEAR OF COVID-19 in the news and on social media.   It's also been ONE YEAR since the bottom of the stock market dropped out - March 23, 2020.   On February 20,... Continue reading

As Promised...

Published by Wayne A. Hissa on Dec 07, 2020

As promised on our latest website update (November 26, 2020) - I'd like to spend a few moments talking about the advantage of "Virtual" meetings and the changes we've made in our office to make it COVID-19... Continue reading


Published by Wayne A. Hissa on Aug 25, 2020

Welcome to the next in our 13 BIGGEST INVESTMENT MISTAKES RETIREES MAKE series!  Mistake #2 is MIS-TIMING RECEIPT OF GOVERNMENT PENSION BENEFITS     First of all – let me tell you about Government Pension... Continue reading


Published by Wayne A. Hissa on Aug 04, 2020

DISCLAIMER!  As I look over at my Assistant's "dear-in-the-headlights" expression, I'm going to say to you... YOUR FINANCIAL ADVISOR IS IMPORTANT! In last week's email/blog I provided a list of the 13... Continue reading

13 Biggest Investment Mistakes Retirees Make

Published by Wayne A. Hissa on Jul 27, 2020

Are you approaching Retirement?  Perhaps you're already retired...  Take note of these MISTAKES TO AVOID!   Over the next few blog posts we'll be looking, in more depth, at these mistakes in order to ... Continue reading

Not all GICs are Created Equal!

Published by Wayne A. Hissa on Jul 20, 2020

It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words...  Well here are 2 pictures for you.  The first is a Lifetime Advantages and the second is the Advantages are death...take a look!   Want to know... Continue reading

The END of an ERA - Canada Savings Bonds

Published by Wayne A. Hissa on Jul 13, 2020

Many folks grew up with Canada Savings Bonds.  Perhaps you received them for Christmas – I know they were a favourite of many Grandparents.  At one point in time – they were even a good investment…   ... Continue reading


Published by Wayne A. Hissa on Jun 29, 2020

There's a lot more to Segregated (Seg) Funds than meets the eye!  There are benefits and protections you may not know about...read on! WHAT IS A SEG FUND? Life Insurance Company INVESTMENT (not a life... Continue reading

Emotional Investing

Published by Wayne A. Hissa on Jun 22, 2020

Who hasn't found themselves in a position of making a purchase because it 'felt' good?  Conversely, in times of uncertainty and stress our emotions can sometimes cause us to 're-think' strategies which... Continue reading