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       A little overdue – but Welcome to Summer 2021!  It’s been a long time coming – but things are turning around. 

     Reduced Case Count:  It’s hard to believe that on April, Ontario registered its highest daily count of new cases (4,812) and as of this writing, as a province, we are sitting at 129 new cases.  Despite the frightening news reports, it appears we are turning a corner on COVID-19.  Recognizing the need to remain vigilant, there appears to be light at the end of this dismal, isolating tunnel.

      Vaccinations are up – way up – and being offered to more people at younger ages.  It seems some (from our own personal associations) have made the decision to not take the vaccinations.  That is, of course, their own choice.  Both Sheila and I have been vaccinated and undergo weekly COVID-19 testing to assure a safe environment for those wishing to get back to “in person” (with covid-19 precautions still in effect) and for the protection of my Mom who resides in a retirement residence in Barrie.

     For our clients, I’m pleased to report the “steady as she goes” and “do not panic” messages have paid off.   Portfolios have been protected from the panicked selling which took place in March of 2020 and have gained beyond their 2020 totals.

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