...and now...THE THIRD WAVE!

April 1, 2021 - Premier Doug Ford confirms that Ontario will move into another province-wide shut down for 4 weeks.   Although some may disagree with the exclusions, the timing or the inconveniences, I know of no one for whom a daily COVID-19 count of over 3,000 isn't troubling.  With new variants and ICU admissions pushing the limits (and in some municipalities exceeding those limits) vigilance is most certainly in order.

Perhaps you, like we, are longing to answer 'YES!' to the question of "have you travelled outside of Canada in the past 2 weeks?  

Many have already received the 1st of their vaccinations - some have even received both - which certainly seems to provide them some peace.  Many are maintaining a 'wait and see' attitude around the vaccinations.  I can appreciate their decision.  I, myself, am on the list to receive the vaccine at the earliest availability.  Sheila, as my Mom's caregiver, has already received her 1st vaccination.  I know vaccinations and their availability are already ramping up which hopefully will allow for more freedom of movement.

In the meantime, at Prime Time Financial Inc., we have remained in the office and working on our clients’ behalf.  We have also had the privilege of welcoming new clients into the "Prime Time fold" and that has been as exciting as ever!  We have welcomed clients into our office - providing masks, sanitizer, and a sanitized meeting space - complete with plexiglass to provide 'separate' yet transparent conversations following required COVID-19 guidelines.

However, we also understand that some remain uncomfortable with in-office visits.  Many have taken advantage of our ability to meet 'virtually via Zoom,'  using this secure and private platform.  We've held account reviews, portfolio updates, created new investment plans and written life insurance as needed...all from the comfort of our clients' own home via their computer.

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Financial prosperity is no accident. Whatever your current business or personal financial position - working with a financial planning professional can make the difference between surviving and thriving!

We specialize in Financial Planning, Succession Planning, and Wealth Management to the benefit of you and your family into the next generation(s). With over 30 years’ experience and accreditation, we can offer you a plan utilizing different products at our disposal.

Whether you choose:

  • Life, Disability, or Critical Illness Insurance
  • Group Benefit Programs 
  • RRSP, RRIF, RESP, TFSA RDSP or Open savings and investments

Your personalized plan will move you ahead with your financial and life goals.

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