What part of the CYCLE are you in?

Published by Wayne A. Hissa on May 25, 2020

Behaviour Experts tell us there is a cycle during times of 'crisis.'  That's important information to know - and information we feel is important for our clients to have access to. In a webinar I attended... Continue reading

What? It was a long weekend?!

Published by Wayne A. Hissa on May 19, 2020

We’ve just come out of the May  2-4 weekend (Victoria Day).  Perhaps you had an opportunity to reach out (with safe social distancing of course) to family and/or friends.  I know some of us didn’t even... Continue reading


Published by Wayne A. Hissa on May 12, 2020

Right now, everyone’s main concern is the safety of one another…we all get that.  It is also VERY important (in the light of economic realities) to look ahead. With that in mind, this week I would like... Continue reading

Where should I go from here?

Published by Wayne A. Hissa on May 04, 2020

First of all – thanks to the many of you who responded to the e-newsletter (…on a personal note) we sent out last week.  If, for some reason you didn’t receive it – and you’re checking this blog – please... Continue reading

5 STRATEGIES for Dealing with Difficult Markets

Published by Wayne A. Hissa on Apr 27, 2020

Part of the value to our clients is Professional Money Managers. Here are some considerations for challenging economic realities. (Learn more) ... Continue reading


Published by Wayne A. Hissa on Apr 13, 2020

In addition to providing client-service, we at Prime Time Financial Inc. are working to keep you up-to-date with the latest news relating to your investments.  We will now be doing a “Weekly Blog” for... Continue reading

Avoid Costly Behavioural Mistakes during the Stock Market Storm

Published by Ian Hardacre on Mar 30, 2020

Global equities suffered a significant sell-off from the second half of February, sparked by fears that the fast-spreading coronavirus will hit global economic growth. The six consecutive days of decline... Continue reading


Published by Wayne A. Hissa on Mar 20, 2020

At Prime Time Financial, we have clients in a variety of economic capacities - Individuals, Families, Businesses, working and retired Adults. We are grateful to HOUGHTON ACCOUNTING for being part of our... Continue reading