Tune-ups are important...

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     ACCOUNT TUNE-UPS:  It’s not only your cars, your home’s air conditioning, or wardrobe that needs a tune-up.  It’s also your financial plan and portfolio. We’ve been pleased with the uptake of ZOOM meetings and for many – may be the preferred method for client meetings.

     In case you haven’t had the opportunity…Here’s how booking a VIRTUAL (ZOOM) process goes:  Simply request a meeting by zoom (click here) and you’ll get a call to set it up at a time convenient to both (or all) parties.  Sheila will prepare an up-to-date summary of your investments and email it (securely through Docu-sign) to you prior to our meeting so you can have your questions ready.  We are also able to do IN PERSON meetings (we still have the plexi-glass barriers in our office and will make sure you are distanced and comfortable).  Click here to arrange for an in person meeting.