13 Biggest Investment Mistakes Retirees Make

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Are you approaching Retirement?  Perhaps you're already retired...  Take note of these MISTAKES TO AVOID!


Over the next few blog posts we'll be looking, in more depth, at these mistakes in order to 'prevent' or 'change direction' in your thinking about retirement!  


  1. Getting the order of Income Sources wrong.
  2. Mis-timing receipt of Government Pensions & Benefits
  3. Hesitancy in spending capital or realizing capital gains
  4. RRIF or Annuity vs BOTH in Balance
  5. Not optimizing TFSAs
  6. Converting to RRIF too late
  7. Not taking any investment risks
  8. Myopic focus on dividends
  9. Inappropriate asset allocation and diversification
  10. Not optimizing tax impact on investments
  11. Inadequate liquidity
  12. Inadequate guaranteed lifetime income
  13. No or non-detailed retirement income plan.

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