"Back to the Basics" time?

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COVID-19 has been a time to take a 'new' look at many things in our lives.  For many it's been a time to re-define our priorities.

Personally, like many others, time with Family has been the biggest challenge.  While we are grateful for the 'electronic' contacts we have had with both sets of Grandchildren (and their Parents); we really miss the face-to-face times and the amazing hugs!

At PRIME TIME Financial we've been busy reviewing accounts and connecting with clients on Investments, Life Insurance and Estate Planning.  

Today however, I am thinking about the first steps in Financial Planning and that is "KNOW YOUR CASH FLOW."  It seems especially important, in light of the past few months, to re-visit the income and expenses.  Recognizing that many have been affected by the COVID-19 shutdown, I want to provide a really good worksheet to help you review - and revise where needed.   We find clients who are aware of what is coming in/out, even if they've suffered a job loss or reduction of income, are in a better position than those without the cashflow knowledge.  Once you have a clear picture, you can build that emergency account over time.  You can also build sustainable investment accounts using monthly contributions.  



Let's talk about it...I'm happy to review this with you!  (click here for a phone or in-person appointment)