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Right now, everyone’s main concern is the safety of one another…we all get that.  It is also VERY important (in the light of economic realities) to look ahead.

With that in mind, this week I would like to focus on where RETIREMENT INCOME will come from and how to manage taxes (year-by-year) and in your estate.  If, by chance, you'd like an easy-to-read breakdown of CPP and OAS here!

First, we want to look at CUSTOMIZED INCOME SOURCES and the taxes on each source – with a focus on age 65.

All right…so, perhaps by now, your head is spinning or you are looking into the darkness wondering if that light coming toward you is a train…

The point is – YOU’RE NOT IN THIS ALONE!  Currently, you likely have only 1 source of income – your salary.  Once you retire – it’s a whole new ballgame.  With so many potential income sources and tax rates it is extremely valuable to plan!  Book an appointment to meet (online or in person with social distancing) and let’s discuss your needs!