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In addition to providing client-service, we at Prime Time Financial Inc. are working to keep you up-to-date with the latest news relating to your investments. 

We will now be doing a “Weekly Blog” for your interest and information.  These will be available each Monday on our website:

REDUCTION (VOLUNTARY) OF 25% on 2020 Minimum RRIF Payments

One of the measures announced on March 18, 2020 by Prime Minister Trudeau (and passed into law on March 25) reduces the required minimum withdrawals from Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIFs) by 25% for 2020 only.

This is in response to the economic pressures caused by lower market values in response to COVID-19 and allows recipients to take out 25% less than the minimum in order to preserve their investments while waiting for the markets to stabilize and regain their values.

EVEN IF RRIFS DON’T APPLY TO YOU PERSONALLY – would this info be important for your PARENTS/GRANDPARENTS to know?  For more info – please contact WAYNE HISSA


MARKET VOLATILITY:  While markets are still in a ‘reactive’ mode – we are seeing signs of a ‘slow but steady’ improvement.  Portfolio managers been proactive to “trim and purge” companies, in which they invest, to be in a better position when the market challenges occurred.  Although COVID-19 created many of these challenges – the pro-activity of our portfolio managers has helped reduce the losses for our clients.

Also, I have been taking part weekly in webinars from our Fund Managers and will be sharing from the summary of my notes in this weekly blog.

For today (April 13/20)


MACKENZIE FUNDS:  exercised their “grading system” to review funds as follows:

  • GREEN (funds to hold – less impact to COVID-19 pressures)
  • YELLOW (caution required – keep watch and be ready) and
  • RED (positions have been sold which increases cash for further investment)

This “Active Management” style strives to mitigate some of the Market risks and provide protection of capital on the downside.


CI INVESTMENTS:  There are a lot of good companies out there

  • Very “bullish” – significant upside opportunities
  • “Active Management” – provides Focus/Discipline/ and Skill to Buy/Sell.
  • Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) – with 20 market segments – including Tech/Data processing centres (and an interesting point – this includes Barrie’s own Georgian Mall).



We hope your Easter was a joyous (even if different) celebration!  Sheila and I did “virtual” Easter with our families and it was good to see everyone doing so well.  We also took advantage of the “virtual Church” celebrations on both Good Friday and Easter Sunday – so good for our spirits!

Are you settling into the “new” routine of things?  Clients with children are coming up with creative ways to occupy their kid’s time and now online learning has become part of the daily routine.  Adults & kids alike have gone a step further and are taking up a new language, a new instrument, even martial arts – all taught virtually and available via our computers, tablets and even our phones!  It is indeed a whole new world!